What will be your first electric car?

The transition from internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles is underway. It may not happen as quickly as some might think, but the day will come when many will have to choose their first all-electric car. With that in mind, we wonder which one will be yours and why.

The first all-electric users have long announced the advantages of electric vehicles. They are known for their fierce love of platforming. When options were scarce, Tesla benefited from being the only company on the block. Does the Texas-based company’s experience in space make it your first choice? Maybe it’s the performance of a Tesla that could lead you to one.

Of course, if it’s just performance you’re looking for, you can get it in all sorts of electric vehicles. The new Kia EV6 GT can fit supercars while carrying a group of friends and all their stuff. The Lucid Air, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and Audi e-Tron GT can also deliver insane 0-60 mph times.

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It may be utility that will sell you on the idea of ​​owning an EV. The Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T are already available and quite capable. The Chevy Silverado EV and GMC Sierra Denali EV Edition 1 are also on our doorstep. There’s even a chance that the Tesla Cybertruck will be on public roads next year.

For many people, the main thing holding them back from getting into an electric vehicle is the upfront cost associated with many of them. Every currently produced vehicle mentioned above costs $50,000 or more brand new. It’s also not uncommon for them to cost six figures.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a vehicle platform that still makes some people uncomfortable. Luckily, there are a number of low-cost options like the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, Nissan Leaf, and Mini Cooper SE that offer a slight price reduction. In which direction are you headed and if you think you will be a longtime resister, why?

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