Unique places in the world to feel like Alice in Wonderland

Fairy tale kingdoms and wonderlands aren’t just places seen in movies and books, they can also be found in real life. Many fairy tale kingdoms in the movies have even been inspired by real-life locations that can be visited. While some of these fairy tale sites are the works of nature, others are man-made but still evoke that fairy tale imagination in the minds of explorers. Writers will be inspired, painters will be amazed, explorers will be mesmerized, and imaginative minds will wander in a fantasy world in these wonderlands around the world.

8 Wistman Wood, England

The mere sight of Wistman’s Wood is enough to make it seem like there is something more unusual about this place than oak trees and a large population of poisonous snakes known as vipers. This forest dates back hundreds of years and is one of Britain’s most unique oak forests. The moss-covered trees stand on unstable, rocky ground with many holes in the sides where a person’s feet can get stuck. It is also assumed that this forest is haunted by ghosts and unusual activity. With all of that in mind, one could lose one’s mind here with scary thoughts, especially at night.

7 Alnwick Castle, London

Many locations were used for the famous Harry Potter movie, but Alnwick Castle was one of the most popular. This charming castle in Northumberland is blessed with centuries of English history but is now best known as a place of broomstick flying lessons and poisonous gardens as it was used as Hogwarts castle in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While the views from the outer parts of the castle are incredible, walking through the halls of the epic castle is nothing short of magical and might inspire visitors to pull out their magic wands to perform spells.

6 Hobbiton, New Zealand

New Zealand remains forever popular for its role in the filming of the iconic Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film. While there are plenty of locations in the film that can be visited in real life, Hobbiton remains the most popular. This unique landscape filled with green pastures and hobbit houses feels like being stuck in the world of Frodo, about to embark on one of the world’s most epic adventures.

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5 Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Located in the Egmont National Park, this unusual forest is home to unique sites capable of stimulating the mind to believe in a real fairy tale country. The forest rests on the slopes of Mount Taranaki and features a huge population of bent trees covered in dense moss and unusual humidity. The forest dates back around 400 years when an eruption of Mount Taranaki destroyed the previous forest who was sitting in the same place. Although there are no real goblins to be found here, walking the paths of this spooky forest is an enchanting experience capable of sparking a person’s creativity and imagination.

4 Mont Saint-Michel, France

Located in Normandy – a region in northern France, this medieval island-fortress has all the qualities of a fairytale kingdom with an impressive abbey at the top. Although the island is located in a remote part of France more than 100 meters from land, it remains one of the most popular historical sites in the country. The island’s unique architecture, gothic buildings and its long years of history are some of the reasons why it has inspired some well-known films around the world, including the popular Disney movie – Tangled.

3 Hoh Rainforest, Washington State

The sights of the unique Hoh Rainforest in Washington State’s Olympic National Park look like a place out of the fantasy world. Hor Rainforest is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the United States and has also been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. The forest features towering trees covered in moss and ferns and while this feature makes the views of the forest inspiring, it also makes walking the trails spooky and scary. To be honest, Hor Rainforest looks like a forbidden land where a wizard wearing a pointy hat could just jump up and cast a spell on an already hypnotized wanderer.

2 Naeroyfjord, Norway

Norway is known for its many fjords and Naeroyfjord is perhaps the most scenic among the rest. This unique natural formation in western Norway is characterized by surrounding towering mountains, beautiful green vegetation, refreshing waterfalls and a scenic river. The uniqueness and landscape of Naeroyfjord even inspired the location of Arendelle in Disney’s Frozen. It is also one of two fjords now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Norway – the second being the famous Geirangerfjord.

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1 Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

Not all forests are scary. Some are just too beautiful and colorful that they can easily pass for fairytale wonderlands. The Hallerbos forest located in Halle, Belgium is an example of this type of forest with fairy beauty. The attraction of the forest lies in the enchanting hyacinths which cover the whole forest from mid-April to the end of May. The intensity of these colors is further amplified as the sun’s rays reach them, creating an endless view of purple carpet. Such special events are rare, which is why this beauty can only be seen once a year for a limited time. This rarity makes it even more attractive.

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