The new sunflower farm welcomes customers

DEXTER– A scenic field of sunflowers blooms at Stormy Blue Farm in Dexter and now the farm owners are hoping to share their golden fields with others in the community.

Row upon row of yellow petaled sunflowers stand in the sunshine at the Stormy Blue Farm on the Pullen Road to Dexter. The Blanky family planted these flowers on a small portion of their 26 acres of land in May. Mother Nature induced them to bloom earlier than expected.

“The hot weather of the past two weeks has opened them a little earlier. We planned to be open late August or early Sseptember but the warm weather told us otherwise,” explained William Blanchard, owner of Stormy Blue Farm.

For the past two weekends, Stormy Blue Farm has been open for customers to come and browse, pick their own sunflowers for a nominal fee and take photos of the radiant golden fields.

The sunflower has a special place in the hearts of Blanky family.

“We started with sunflowers because it’s my wife’s son’s favorite flower. He passed away several years ago,” Blanchard explained. “The previous company was from Alex flower truck and the one centered on sunflowers.

William B.lanky and his wife made wedding floral arrangements in Florida before switching to Melder This year. Both also hold jobs outside the home. Now that they have a farm of their own, they hope to plant and sell tulips and wildflowers in addition to their sunflowers.

“I love working where I work, but I want to work for something that is mine and that I can pass on to my kids and hopefully their kids,” Blanchard said.

Customers and neighbors are grateful to the Blanyards have chosen to call Dexter home where they can spread a little sunshine and lots of beauty in every season.

“I was looking for the best and found this one the best,” said customer Danica Derroco.

“I think it’s really, really pretty and a great place to come pick flowers,” added customer Jennifer Bradley.

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