Tennyson King back in Gravelbourg for a performance at the Café de Paris

Globetrotting musician to bring unique folk blues rock-and-roll styles to southern Saskatchewan later this month

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Tennyson King loves being on the road.

Just look at the rock-and-roll, folk and blues style musician’s website to get an idea of ​​how much time he spends on tour, performing in venues large and small, all over the world.

King’s current road trip – in support of his recently released album Good company — features more than 40 dates across Western Canada and Ontario, including a stop in Gravelbourg at the Café de Paris on July 26.

The race started in Creston, British Columbia on July 2 and ends in Cookstown, Ontario. at the Gussapalooza Music Festival on September 18, which will mark the end of his second tour this year.

It’s all several miles on the highways, but it’s worth it if King and his travel partners are able to connect with fans in the many communities along the way.

“Yeah, they’re doing great,” King said during a stop in Kelowna on Saturday night. “I think the general vibe of everyone and the energy is just that everyone is happy to have live music on a consistent basis. And my keyboard player and myself, we’re really, really happy to play for people too, so it’s been a lot of good, good energy and positive vibes for sure.

King is, in a word, a globetrotter. His musical adventures have taken him from big shows in Europe to performances of all sizes in Southeast Asia and, of course, numerous escapades in North America.

That may mean very little downtime at home, but when you love the road as much as Tennyson, you’re fine.

“I love touring and traveling, so for me, it feels like I’m back home, in my groove, and moving from city to city,” King said. “And we’ve had a lot of great outdoor shows so far, like a lot of music in parks and things like that across BC, so it’s just wonderful to play music in front of the mountains and everything.”

Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have plenty of eyes and ears to his music. Whereas Good company is his first full-length album, King has a wealth of songs in his oeuvre, ranging from soulful ballads to rock cuts, all in his unique folk-rock style.

Bringing this music to people live only enhances the experience, King says.

“I love sharing music in person,” he said. “While it’s great for people to listen to my music through CDs and digital platforms and play it at their own pace, for me, there’s nothing like being in person and connecting with people. people in real time through music. It’s very important to me, just like a human being who loves to listen to music and play music. It’s super important to me to kind of be on the road and being in communities playing.

King’s visit to Gravelbourg won’t be his first either. He was there most recently this spring as part of his first tour of 2022 and has Café de Paris on his radar since his first show in 2009.

“I love Gravelbourg, I played there for the first time that summer and it was such a cool town,” King said. “And everyone there had such good energy and then the show was amazing too. So I always try to make it a point to go back to Gravelbourg when I’m in that part of the world.

Tennyson’s shows tend to have a more relaxed and laid-back feel, with the musician sprinkling anecdotes from his world travels into his performance. The music itself is also heavily influenced by his experiences, as evidenced by his videos on www.tennysonking.com.

All of this makes the shows even better in an intimate setting.

“I’m a big storyteller when it comes to my music and my performance and I always try to make that storytelling connection on the big outdoor shows, but with the smaller intimates it’s just a little bit easier to relate to. connect with everyone,” King explained. “I think everyone also feels a bit more vulnerable and open to connecting that way. So I really enjoy those kinds of intimate shows where they’re on the same level as me and they can really smell the sweat and the sound and everything that comes out of it.

As for Good company itself, the album was composed through 2020, both live and virtually as the pandemic took hold. King was able to work with Juno-nominated producer Ross Hayes Citrullo to put things together, with studio work in the fall of 2020 and the final follow-up completed in December 2020.

“It kind of happened because of COVID,” King said. “I was supposed to start writing and recording in early 2019, but I kept putting it off because I was touring so much. I just wanted to tour and I didn’t really want to settle down, I didn’t want to staying in Toronto to make a record… So it was cool to have this time to work on the record without the pressure or stress of having to go on tour, everything went very well.

As expected, this won’t be the last time Tennyson is on the road. He plans to take October to rest and write before heading to Australia and Southeast Asia for a few dates in November.

“Anywhere warm in the cold months here,” he laughed.

The Dinner Show with Tennyson King at the Café de Paris in Gravelbourg will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday July 26. Places are limited, reserve your place by contacting the room at www.facebook.com/CaféParisGravelbourg.

For more from Tennyson King, including clips of his music and a host of music videos, be sure to check out his website at www.tennysonking.com.

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