Red Sox fans will be thrilled to hear the Yankees’ latest dumb move

MLB’s longest-serving general manager is here to stay, which is great news for the Boston Red Sox.

No, Dan Duquette is not replacing Brian O’Halloran and Joe Cronin has not returned from the dead.

According Sportico (subscription required), Brian Cashman will return to the New York Yankees in 2023, although a contract extension is unlikely to be announced mid-season.


For Sox fans who have watched half a dozen general managers and two presidents of baseball operations get hired and fired (Bloom is safe for now) in the fabled building between Lansdowne and Jersey, the concept of a managing director who has been around since the late 90s is amazing. It’s a pre-iPod GM, a pre-GM VHS, a pre-Big Papi GM, a GM Curse of the Bambino.

Hilariously, the chaos of constant front office upheaval somehow turned out better for the Sox than Cashman’s eternal seat on the throne. In the 15-year span in which the Sox won their four championships after an 86-year drought caused by a deal made with the YankeesCashman’s club only has one.

Why are the Yankees extending Brian Cashman’s contract?

Cashman’s reign in the Bronx was a mix of inherited wealth and bad decisions. He was lucky in an incredible situation when he took over in 1998, so it’s not entirely fair to attribute the Yankees’ success in the late 90s to his leadership. Gene Michael and Bob Watson set him up for huge success by discovering the players who would later be known as the Core Four: Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera.

But in recent years, Cashman has come under fire almost every season. The Yankees are regularly one of the biggest payrolls in the game but remain stuck at 27 championships (26 rings and a pocket watch, to be precise). Acquiring Alex Rodriguez turned out to be a huge mistake. He gave Gerrit Cole a huge contract but didn’t really build a pitching team around him; with his struggling team in July and August, he wrapped Jordan Montgomery in gift wrap and presented him to the St. Louis Cardinals on a silver platter at the trade deadline.

And Cashman was at the helm as they made MLB history by giving their biggest rivals a 3-0 lead in the 2004 ALCS, leading to their first of four championships. The Sox beat them again in the 2018 ALDS after Cashman bragged that his Bronx Bombers were the only ones to ever “do damage” against their rivals. Most recently, the Sox tormented his team in last October’s Wild Card and went all the way to Game 6 in the ALCS in a season they needed to win about 79 games.

Meanwhile, and most importantly, the Yankees haven’t won the World Series since 2009.

If the Yankees collapse in September or October, that could change, so it’s wise of the Yankees to delay an announcement. But no matter how or when Cashman’s Yankees tenure ends, he’s done so much for the Sox. From signing Rafael Devers’ son Gerrit Cole, to creating the “Do Damage” slogan for the 2018 championship, to not protecting Garrett Whitlock from the Rule 5 draft, he’s really helped Boston.

So here are many more years of that.

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