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Dejan Kulusevski arrived at Tottenham just six months ago but has already managed to settle into the club, becoming a fan favorite due to his pivotal role in Spurs’ top four.

Torino’s transition to Tottenham was almost seamless for the Swede as he bagged eight assists while scoring five goals (TransferMarkt).

Kulusevski’s impact was as big as it was impressive as he helped Tottenham to a memorable win at Manchester City with their opener before assisting Harry Kane’s winner.

The winger also ensured Tottenham would finish above rivals Arsenal at the end of the season with a brace that helped Tottenham crush Premier League stragglers Norwich.

Due to the maturity with which Kulusevski entered the English top flight, you’d be forgiven if you thought the striker was an older, more experienced winger; but he is not.

The Sweden international is still just 22 years old and enjoying his first regular run in a team since his days at Parma Calcio in 2019/20.

Although Kulusevski’s age is promising for the future, there are still many imperfections in his game that he will need to iron out if he is to remain Antonio Conte’s first choice on the right side of the club. Tottenham’s three-way attack.

The biggest problem with Kulusevski’s game is his lack of confidence in his weaker (right) foot, which means he is often seen moving the ball to his left in shooting positions.

If you watched the first half of Tottenham’s pre-season game against Rangers in particular, you would have noticed that a goalscoring opportunity can go past him due to this weakness.

So why is it so important to Conte? Well, we know Conte loves his teams to attack with pace and often counter-attack against superior opponents like Liverpool and Manchester City.

Therefore, this slowdown in attacks or loss of chances could be critical for Spurs next season, especially in games where chances may be scarce.

Take the Burnley game for example towards the final stages of the 2021/2022 season; Lucas Moura started the match ahead of Kulusevski, who was apparently forced as the Swede wasn’t feeling well (Standard).

The game highlighted how useful Moura’s dynamism was in breaking down an opponent like Burnley who settled into a low block with the intention of frustrating Spurs over the 90 minutes.

The figures only reinforce these observations because Kulusevski has scored 100% of his Premier League goals with his stronger (left) foot (Premier League). For comparison, Dejan’s teammate Harry Kane only scored 52% of his Premier League goals last season with his predominant right foot (Premier League).

Fellow winger, Heung Min-Son has an incredible record of score one more goal with his left foot (12) than he did with his right foot (11) last season of the Premier League (Premier League).

Son is a shining example for Kulusevski as the South Korean rose through the ranks to become one of the best players in the world.. One of the key factors that helped him achieve this stature is his unpredictability due to his equal ability on both feet.

This makes it difficult for defenders to play against him as they are unable to force Son to a weaker side as he doesn’t have one. As such, if Son is given just enough time and space, he’s almost guaranteed to capitalize on the opportunity.

Even if there is a defender who chooses to shut down the Korean, he can still move the ball and create a goalscoring opportunity for a teammate.

So it’s easy to see why it will be crucial for Kulusevski to develop his unpredictability over the next season, especially as the Swede will be entering his first full season in England and people will have done their research on him.

However, that’s not to say that Kulusevski will definitely struggle next season as it’s easy to forget that he’s still young at twenty-two and will only improve and mature with experience. .

There may not be the same high number of goal contributions this season, but it’s likely to be down to the Presentation of Richarlisonwhich will give Kulusevski a tough battle for his place.

Although his game is not yet complete or at a world-class level, Kulusevski will still cause problems for his opponents due to his direct running, quick footwork, drive and determination on the ball.

Like any player, there is always something to improve on and the worry is that Kulusevski could be found out next season if he doesn’t adapt or work to fix his weak foot.

But if a manager has the incredible ability to improve players and their abilities; it’s Antonio Conte.

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