Most pupils offered first choice of school in Dorset

Pupils will find out today whether they have been offered their first choice of secondary or higher school for September.

Just under 98 percent of students were offered their first choice of secondary school and just under 99 percent were offered the graduate school of their choice.

Some 97.69 per cent of students due to start secondary school (grade 7) were offered their first choice. For those starting secondary school (grade 9), 98.64% secured a place in the school of their choice.

Cllr Andrew Parry, Dorset Council portfolio holder for children, education, skills and early support, said: ‘Today is an important day for young people and their parents or guardians as they discover what school they will join in the fall.

“I am delighted that most people in the Dorset Council area have been offered their first choice of secondary school or higher.

“I wish the students well as they prepare to join their new schools in September.”

Parents and guardians will be able to log into their online account from 9.30am today to see the outcome of their application.

When an email address has been submitted as part of the application, families will receive a link to get their official result letter.

Dorset Council processed 3,437 applications, with over 95% of parents and guardians opting to complete their applications online.

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