Model coach and fashion photographer KARIZZA is launching unique modeling courses for anyone who wants to gain confidence in front of a camera.

There aren’t many places potential models can go to for advice early in their careers. The unique new class of models created by KARIZZA is meant to instill and develop posing skills, bringing out confidence and uniqueness in each model.

The next generation of models deserves to be confident in expressing their individuality. KARIZZA thinks the way to do this is to educate them, show them the ropes and expose them before they debut. It involves practicing in front of a camera and discovering their uniqueness.

The launch of modeling class in new york is designed to provide high-impact training for models, influencers, media personalities and anyone who wants to work in front of a camera. “During each class, you will learn how to pose in the Fashion, Dynamic, Lifestyle, Beauty, Glamor and Fitness photo styles to be ready to showcase any brand and product. Our dynamic posing class will cover techniques track and ways to move your body in front of the camera.

“Model coaching is my passion, and as a fashion photographer and former model, I’ve helped dozens of aspiring models around the world develop modeling skills to succeed in the industry.”

Models trained under KARIZZA highly recommended the class, saying the training was instrumental in their careers. Each modeling class is designed to bring out the uniqueness of each model. She borrows from her more than 10 years of experience in modeling and photography.

From his observations of development of a model programs, KARIZZA believes that there is a lot to be done regarding photo poses and parades. The modeling school will help people learn the ABCs of modeling. One of his specialties is teaching confidence in the pose based on psychological techniques.

“The Unique modeling program is designed to give you an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Here you’ll discover your personal posing style, unlock your superpower, overcome your fears, and practice, practice, practice.

KARIZZA Model Coaching is open to all aspiring and professional models, including teen modeling – “age cannot stop true passion which is the one and only way to success.” She says it doesn’t matter when you start your training; the aim is to establish a solid foundation, gain confidence and acquire skills to apply in their careers. The model coach also offers track lessons and helps students to develop their model portfolio and creation of digital models for submissions to agencies and fashion magazines.

The coaching program includes five posing style classes: fashion, dynamic, lifestyle, beauty, glamor and fitness style. Runway techniques are covered in the dynamic posing course, and the final course teaches models how to manage their social media platforms to establish a strong digital presence.

Apart from building trust, building a digital presence and knowing how to model, it is also essential to build a strong personal brand. KARIZZA helps models grow their brand based on their needs and strategy, leading to stand out, find work and thrive in the industry. “My goal is not to copy existing styles but to create something unique especially for you.”

Through her model training classes, KARIZZA also champions diversity, inclusion, and body positivity in the modeling industry. She insists with her students that everyone should feel unique and express their individuality without shame.

As a lead instructor, KARIZZA shares the valuable lessons she learned working with magazines, famous brands, modeling agencies and advertisers across Europe and the United States. KARIZZA modeling lessons and model photography services are currently available in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

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