Miracle Realty passes Evening Lions

Tyler Takeda / The Madera Tribune

Miracle Realty celebrates in the pitching circle after beating the Evening Lions, 12-2, to win the Madera National Little League Majors Softball Championship on Saturday.

The Evening Lions scored the first inning of the game, but Miracle Realty scored the next 12 and earned a 12-2 victory under the Mercy Rule to win the Madera National Little League Majors Softball Championship.

Jillian Villalobos was the offensive hero with five RBIs on a three-run inside-the-park homer and a homerun double to give Miracle an 11-run lead heading into the fourth inning.

Miracle pitcher Jordyn Anaya did the rest and held the Evening Lions scoreless in the second and third and allowed an unearned run late in the fourth in the victory.

The evening Lions put the pressure on at the start of the first inning. They scored a run, but could have had more as two runners were ejected at home plate with Villalobos setting the tags.

Miracle got to work scoring five runs with the top five batters late in the first inning. Journey Gaona drew a walk and scored on three wild pitches.

Autumn Bloom and Myla Avila drew walks. Then Villalobos fielded a fly ball down the left field line that went to the fence. Villalobos ran around the bases for a three-run home run inside the park for a 4-0 lead.

Anaya continued the rally with a walk and scored on three wild throws for a 5-1 lead. The inning ended with the five run limit.

Late in the second, Giuliana Chavez tripled toward the left center field fence and scored on a wild pitch. Akira Ayala drew and scored on crazy ground for a 7-1 lead over Miracle Realty.

Makayla Medley was hit by a pitch early in the second, but was caught stealing second. Dallas Chavira walked on top of the third and stole the second, but a pop-out ended the inning for Evening Lions.

Miracle added five runs late in the third with two outs, no one in the rally.

Cianna Chavez started with a single and advanced to second on an error. Chavez scored on a pair of wild throws.

Chavira scored a single down the middle and Akira Ayala drew a walk. Alina Martinez chose Rivera. Ayala scored on a pair of wild throws.

Bloom and Avila drew walks to load the basics. Villalobos doubled down the left field line to drive in Gaona and Bloom to extend the lead to 12-1.

Juliana DeLuna led the start of the fourth when reaching on an error and advanced to second on another error for the Lions. She placed third on a wild throw. After a strikeout, Ella Schoettler tied and stole second place. Marley Avila failed against Anaya, but DeLuna scored to cut the lead to 12-2.

Anaya got one strikeout while the Evening Lions had second- and third-place runners.

With Jade Jasper at the plate, Schoettler got too far ahead on third base. Villalobos pitched at third and Schoettler found himself in a rundown. Third baseman Bloom returned to Villalobos to tag Schoettler to end the game.

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