Megababe: body care products for sweating, chafing and more

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Since its launch in 2017, the body care brand Megababe has carved out a place for herself in the beauty industry by focusing on issues no one apparently wants to talk about. Founded by Katie SturinoAlongside his sister, Jenny, and friend, Kate McPherson, Megababe was created to address the disappointing selection of thigh rub solutions on the market, as well as solutions for other “taboo” body issues like body acne, breast sweating and even stinky feet. The brand is popular rose scented deodorant and best seller thigh rescue both earned spots on our Editors’ Choice lists for good reason. Formulated with clean, USA-made ingredients, Megababe’s cruelty-free beauty products (which are available at retailers like Ultimate and Target) are also affordable, with most products falling under the $20 mark.

To learn more about Megababe, we spoke with Sturino about its products, brand history and leadership.


I knew there had to be something better than what was on the market for friction. I didn’t know it was gonna work really until we paid for the brand design, paid for the website, bought the whole product, went through all the labs and launched it and had 20,000 units in my parent’s garage. But I knew we had something when we sold out this entire SKU bundle within the first month of our launch.

For people who have never tried your products before, what do you most want them to know about your products and your brand?

Our philosophy is to let anyone suffering from chafing and sweating know that rubbing your thighs is not taboo. It’s not a taboo subject to talk about how you sweat through your bras during the summer. We are a solutions-oriented company and we want people to feel comfortable and confident.

What do you think sets your brand and products apart from similar brands on the market?

One thing we do is listen to our customers and use their feedback. people loved it our body powderbut they wanted a puff to apply it and so we made them a giant puff to apply the powder. We are also authentic. We are not a brand that was created in a business school or in an incubation laboratory for a large company. We are truly a small, women-owned business that cares. There is a heart behind it and I think you can really feel it. I also think we’re really consistent with the fact that we don’t use questionable ingredients. We do not test on animals. We are constantly trying to change our environmental impact. We always try to do the right thing.

thigh rescue because it is a product for me. I really like to have made a product that has been voted product of the decadethat people tell me constantly changes their lives and the way they live their lives in the spring and summer.

Being an entrepreneur in this space has never been easier. As you trade issues… you always find it never gets easier, the stage just gets bigger.

What three words would you use to describe your brand and why?

We are inclusive, festive and — those are two words — but we provide real solutions. The beauty industry was not very inclusive until recently. I think even with the body acceptance movement gaining so much momentum, beauty hasn’t necessarily caught up until recently. Now we’re able to have a conversation about things like sweaty boobs and chafing thighs and BO acne and stinky butts and feet. It’s not the beauty industry of 2017 because when we launched it, it was about conversations that major retailers told us weren’t ready for the mainstream.

Can you tell us a bit about your best-selling products and what makes them so great?

Our best-selling product is our thigh rescue, which was our first product, and it’s best-selling for a reason. It works, it’s innovative, it smells good. Our deodorant, pink pits, is our second best selling SKU. People have just been obsessed with this formula. I think it has a very high fragrance. It’s clear, it works. I think it’s a unique deodorant in space.

Among all your products, do you have a personal favorite and which products do you recommend the most to your family and friends?

Thigh Rescue is my favorite product. This is my “desert island” product. I don’t leave the house without him during spring and summer. I really like listening to what people are looking for so it’s not that I’m recommending any particular product. My friend’s husband is a great golfer and he was talking about how he sweats on the golf course so I was like you need dry guy.

We will simply continue to offer solution-based products. I think we will continue to destigmatize things that should never have been stigmatized in the first place. Thus, allowing people, especially women, to feel comfortable in their bodies.

This detoxifying charcoal soap bar works extremely well to keep underarms and feet feeling fresh. The smell of tea tree oil in this product is unmistakable but blends perfectly with the other products in my routine. Like other bar soaps, it may leave your skin feeling dehydrated, but it also left me feeling extra clean.

Although I don’t usually struggle with thigh chafing in the summer, the Thigh Rescue stick created a lot of sliding between my thighs and also above my knees. It has a subtle smell that reminds me of baby powder and a balm-like consistency. Although the stick glides effortlessly over the skin, it had to be rubbed in as I found too much product coming off.

Formulated with plant-based alcohol, this citrus-scented hand sanitizer is a new must-have in my purse. Not only does it not dry out your hands after use, it also doesn’t leave any annoying sticky residue behind. It has a pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering and I appreciate that the scent lingers on your hands for a little while.

For the most part, this aluminum and baking soda free deodorant worked to keep all body odor at bay as I went about my life. The Smoothie Deo didn’t leave my skin irritated or itchy and was easy to apply. Although I’m not a big fan of the fruity smell of the deodorant, it’s a unique scent that’s quite pleasant. There’s an adjustment period (as with any natural deodorant) so that’s something I kept in mind when I noticed towards the end of the day that I wasn’t smelling my scent the best. Fresher.

Le Tush Butt Mask has a thick, creamy texture that reminds me of yogurt…in the best possible way. Applying the mask was a little messy, but it washes off easily and doesn’t leave a mess in the shower. The mask’s exfoliating beads added just the right amount of exfoliating action to the mix. Although I didn’t expect to see results right away, it felt good to take care of that area of ​​my body and it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or irritated.

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