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LONDON BRITAIN – March 20 marks the date on the 2022 calendar when day and night become equal in length, kicking off the start of spring. During the vernal equinox, the sun shines directly on the earth’s equator. It will remain so until Tuesday, June 21, the first day of summer.

Due to recent above average temperatures, many residents of Chester County have spring fever. On Saturday, residents were seen gardening and spreading mulch. And many golf courses in the county were full. The average daytime temperature at this time of year in Chester County is 73 degrees. The past three days have been 20 degrees above average and above average temperatures are expected next week.

Soon, Chester County will transform into a glorious world of springtime hues with flowers – pink, yellow, lavender and orange hues brighten the landscape here from Oxford to Phoenixville. and bustling with bees, fledgling birds, delicate fawns staying close to their mothers, and brightly lit trees in full bloom with the return of spring.

Life is cozy in spring at Springton Manor Farm, Glenmoore. (JEN SAMUEL — MEDIANEWS GROUP)

“Whether you’re visiting one of our wonderful state parks or strolling through your neighborhood, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the arrival of spring and the opportunity to get outside more than we have. been doing over the past few months,” Secretary Cindy said. Adams Dunn.

“Besides the longer days and warmer weather, Pennsylvania has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, many of which are right around the corner in the Southeast Commonwealth region,” she said.

Chester County is home to three state parks, including White Clay Creek Preserve, Marsh Creek State Park, and French Creek State Park.

In London, Britain, the White Clay Creek Preserve spans 2,072 acres in Pennsylvania alone. The watershed includes the marker where the Mason-Dixon line meets at the borders of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. The White Clay is also federally protected under the National Park Service’s National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

White Clay State Park in Newark, Delaware includes an additional 3,647 acres of the low-key and very beautiful natural watershed, once home to the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans.

Especially over the past 24 months, “outdoor recreation has been essential to the health and well-being of our people,” Dunn said Friday. “I hope those who have turned to the outdoors will continue to do so in the future.”

Thanks to ongoing conservation efforts, spanning decades, one-third of Chester County is permanently preserved. Besides state parks, Chesco is home to about 20 state, city, and private parks where people can enjoy nature while taking a walk, run, ride a bike, or have a quiet time to pray, meditate, visit their loved ones or just lounging around. the sun while reading a good book.

An August flower blooms in Franklin Township. (JEN SAMUEL — MEDIANEWS GROUP)

Poets and songwriters have been composing spring-inspired prose and lyrics for centuries.

“It’s spring again,” said Rainer Maria Rilke. “The earth is like a child who knows the poems by heart. »

And spring brings peace from the hot sun when traveling during the day. Even the slightest cool breeze is a reminder that spring means summer is next.

“It is not enough to live”, said Hans Christian Andersen, “you need sunshine, freedom and a little flower”.

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