Luke Voit’s post-Yankees career took a brutal turn thanks to Eric Hosmer

The 2022 New York Yankees entered spring training needing to trade first baseman Luke Voit to resolve the stalemate they created days prior. Voit’s fate had been all but officially sealed in 2021 when the Yankees imported Anthony Rizzo and then awkwardly juggled their starting first baseman between the DH slot and the bench for the rest of the season.

When Rizzo hit COVID IL, things got even more uncomfortable; Suddenly pushed back into the first base role, Voit raked home plate, earning American League Player of the Week honors before being downgraded again after the return of New York’s shiny new toy. 2021 was the uncomfortable prologue to a predictable resolution in 22; the Yankees brought Rizzo back and quickly tried to smooth things over by Voit.

Before spring training ended, Brian Cashman found a useful game. Thanks to Universal DH, Voit could smash in San Diego for a Wild Card contending Padres team, with New York receiving intriguing pitching prospect Justin Lange in return.

The only problem with this plan? Padres GM AJ Preller is absolutely never satisfied. A stay in San Diego can last four years or four months, and a player may not be able to do anything about the duration of his stay.

Voit delivered an above average offense (as he always does), with a 113 OPS+, 13 dingers, and 48 RBI. He’s a shirtless baseball barrel. That’s what the Padres asked for. That’s what they received.

And because Eric Hosmer didn’t want to go to the rebuilding (and rebuilding, and rebuilding…) of the Washington Nationals, that’s where Voit ended up on Tuesday. It is controllable until 2024. Absolutely cruel.

Former Yankees first baseman Luke Voit should want to crush Eric Hosmer

Pros: A shot at an All-Star appearance or two with a sterile roster around you

Cons: All of…everything…

In the blink of an eye, Hosmer went from a National (with Washington soaking up his money) to a Red Sox, where Chaim Bloom is treading bizarre waters. See? He left the team everybody was talking about, where he could split first base/DH duties with Josh Bell and spawn with Juan Soto, in a baseball wasteland in DC.

Now, with the Below Sea Level Nationals trying to sell nostalgia, Voit will have to attend the 2019 World Series Fourth Anniversary Ceremony next year while Hosmer can play some exciting AL East matches. and face his Yankees. He won’t even get the Yankee revenge he’s been wanting since last summer!

In fact, it will probably be rooted for the yankees versus Hosmer, who brought up the rare Whiny Baby Clause in his contract and shipped Voit to Siberia.

See deserved far better than that. He went from being a shortened 2020 MVP bid, shot down by feet and a hernia the previous year, to returning to exile on the West Coast, to become CJ Cron next season.

The Nationals need to do the right thing and get him back at the next deadline, as long as he can keep up the pace and stay motivated. No one was more open and honest than Voit during his Yankees tenure, and this is how the baseball gods repay him? Difficult to watch.

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