Kitchen Plants – 10 Best Indoor Plants For Kitchens

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We know the many benefits of adding a houseplant (or two) to any room, but beyond growing herbs on the windowsill, the kitchen is often one of the the most overlooked in the house when it comes to adding greenery.

Studies show that houseplants can help purify the air, increase oxygen levels and flush out toxins, and houseplants can be ideal for creating a calming kitchen canopy, especially if you often spend hours preparing and cooking meals.

We know space in a kitchen is often at a premium, but even the smallest indoor plant is perfect for countertops, shelves or corners. You can even put plants in hanging pots to take advantage of your vertical space. And even if you’re pretty low-maintenance, there’s really no excuse not to water your plants with the kitchen sink nearby.

But which plants are suited to humid environments and will thrive in your kitchen? The experts at flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild, share 10 of the best.

1. The Peace Lily

With glossy green leaves and white flowers, peace lilies are pretty to look at and easy to care for. Head-turners, they appreciate a sunny spot, so it is ideal to place them on a windowsill. Peace lilies also help purify the air to get rid of any lingering pollutants.

2. Aloe Vera

With thick, spiky stems, the aloe vera plant has been around for over 5,000 years and has great healing properties used to treat burns. “Just pinch a leaf and squeeze the gel-like substance onto a minor burn and you’ll be good to go,” Bloom & Wild advise.

3. Spider Plant

With its sprawling green leaves, the ever-popular spider plant looks great in hanging pots. A great air purifier (helps remove odors, fumes and pollutants from the air), spider plants can thrive in many different conditions, whether shady or sunny, and just need a occasional watering and pruning to stay happy. It’s super easy to propagate too, so it’s a worthwhile purchase.


Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant

4. Golden Pothos

Pothos, otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy, is perfect for the forgetful. It can survive with little water, low light conditions and varying humidity levels. Bloom & Wild explain, “With sturdy, trailing leaves, they know how to make a statement and add a bit of drama to any space. Stick the pothos on a cupboard or on a shelf and watch it grow!

5. Chilli Plant

Are you a fan of spicy dishes? Growing your own peppers at home is a lot easier than you might think. ‘The Chilli plant is a pretty little plant with green leaves that will look great on a shelf or in a window. They only need to be watered once or twice a week and within a few months they will be rewarding you with lovely little chilies,” Bloom & Wild explain.

Flowering & Wild

6. The ZZ Factory

An air-purifying beauty with shiny, waxy leaves, the zz plant is tough and dramatic, and it actually belongs to the Araceae family, which is the same as the peace lily. It’s a simple, easy-care houseplant that doesn’t need to be watered often (once every two weeks is enough) and also likes a shady spot.

7. Lavender

A lavender plant makes such a lovely addition to the kitchen, especially if you have a rustic/country cottage aesthetic. While lavender is normally a plant that is kept outdoors, it will also thrive indoors. And it’s actually a very useful plant because it repels insects like flies and moths.

Flowering & Wild

8. Snake Factory

The tall, slender snake plant, with dark green, light green and yellow leaves, can go just about anywhere. Perfect for beginners and parents of low maintenance plants, snake plants need very little care – all they need is water once every few weeks.

9. English ivy

This is a fast-growing, air-purifying plant that thrives in bright, humid conditions and looks great in a hanging pot. Just make sure it is kept away from your pets as it can be toxic to them if they chew on it. Hang above your sink or near a window.


Hedera helix, English ivy

10. Venus flytrap

Does your kitchen suffer from flies and pests, especially in the summer months when the windows are open? Then a Venus flytrap would be perfect for you. Bloom & Wild explain: “As its name suggests, this plant attracts flies and other insects, traps them in their spiny mouths and eats them. While this won’t completely rid your kitchen of flies, it will certainly help and look impressive at the same time.


Dionaea muscipula, Venus flytrap

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