Iyanna McNeely says it was ’embarrassing’ watching Jarrette Jones chase Mallory Zapata in Love Is Blind

The end of Love is blind was full of “I don’t do that”. But one couple who happily said “yes” was Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones. In the pods, Jarrette bonded with Iyanna and Mallory Zapata. He almost proposed to Mallory, but she decided he wasn’t for her. Jarrette returned to Iyanna to continue their relationship. Iyanna seemed disappointed not to be the first choice, but the couple got engaged and moved on.

Although they had their bliss forever, it wasn’t exactly easy looking down the road to get there. Iyanna and garter speak with We Weekly about what it was like to watch their journey. Iyanna revealed, “For me, watching him was really awkward.” It didn’t help matters when the couples met in Mexico to get to know each other after their engagement.

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garter meet Mallory in person for the first time and had a seemingly flirtatious conversation with her. He seemed disappointed with Mallory’s choice to get engaged to Salvador “Sal” Perez. He even pointed out that Sal didn’t choose the engagement ring she described as she wanted.

Iyanna said of the interaction, “I was aware of the conversation ahead of time. They both told me about it, but I think they both forgot the details. So when I looked, I was like, “Ah, my God.” Like, it was so awkward.

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She added: “But at the same time, while the feelings were fresh, I was constantly reminded, ‘That’s not who he is. And he’s proven for nearly nine months now who he really is. I’m not going to make excuses for him, but I think that was how fresh everything was.

garter also acknowledged that it was “definitely difficult” to watch this particular episode. He explained, “I think right now you come out of that high you now leave the pods and you see the other person that you first had a connection with. I really think I could have adapted the conversation in a different way.

garter continued, “But that’s no excuse for the conversation that took place. It was definitely a bit grumpy, too, as she said, [I] I just have to remind myself that this is something that happened months ago.

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But the couple worked on it and garter said they could move on. He confirmed: “We are past that. We grew past. I did everything I needed to do every day to reassure [Iyanna] that, you’re the only one and I made the right choice, and I made the choice for a reason.

As for their decision to marry, garter had no problem talking about his new wife. Said Jarrette of Iyanna, “She suits me better because she is everything I needed. On paper, me and Wrong it would have worked. I think with Iyanna – she was very different and I think those differences are things that I needed in my life to help me grow and be a better person and be a better husband.


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