Is ‘Animal Kingdom’ ready for a Bali spin-off? Here’s how Deran, J and Renn could all feature

“Animal Kingdom” was one of the most gripping shows in recent years and provided us with a lot of exciting stuff. Based on the Australian film of the same name, the TNT series chronicled the journey of the Cody family and how they did illegal labor for a living. Smurf (Ellen Barkin and Leila George) was a towering figure and always wanted the whole family under control here and that’s exactly how things turned out. If Smurf said anything, then Pope (Shawn Hatosy), Deran (Jake Weary), and Craig (Ben Robson) did that task without even asking “why?”

However, things got even more interesting when J (Finn Cole) came on the scene and revealed he was Julia’s son. The same Julia (Jasper Polish) that Smurf (Leila George) kicked out a few years ago. For the first four seasons, we got to see how the Cody family operated under Smurf, but after he died, it was Pope or J who pulled all the strings. The series aired its finale on Sunday, August 28, and took viewers back in time to tell everyone why everyone is the way they are.



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During the finale, we also saw some major characters lose their lives and end their story on a tragic note. Pope and Deran died in the finale while J and Deran managed to get out of the dangerous situation and live their lives in respective locations. As soon as the series ended, we started thinking about what more could be done in the “Animal Kingdom” universe and if there was a chance of having a spin-off. So, let’s look at the odds and which character can be the center of it.


Deran’s trip to Bali

To be fair, Deran Cody had the most ambiguous future of them all in the finale. His end was eerily similar to that of Jesse Pinkman in “Breaking Bad”. We saw Jesse come out alive at the end of the series and lead a life without his mentor or his friend Walter White. On the other hand, Deran is now technically alone and none of his brothers are still alive. Craig died before his eyes while Pope committed suicide. Deran managed to get to Bali and start a new life. The spin-off may feature Deran’s life in the new land and trying to find his way to be with Adrian. They can have a future together and Deran has to start from scratch. Although he would never want to return to his past life, circumstances may cause him to do the illegal work again and show that he is a Cody after all.


Ben Robson as Craig Cody and Jake Weary as Deran Cody in ‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 6 (TNT)

Another thing that can improve his story is the way he takes care of Renn and her baby. Craig is dead and Deran promised him he would take care of them. So putting Renn in the mix also makes things interesting for Deran.


What does J do with all that money?

J betrayed the Cody family in the penultimate episode of season 6 and it was expected. He told Smurf that he would take everything away from her and take revenge for everything she had done to her mother Julia. For nearly six seasons, J tricked us into thinking he was part of the Cody family and started caring for Pope, Deran, and Craig. However, as soon as they hatched the plan to break Pope out of prison, J betrayed them and did not help Cody’s other members during the mission. At the end, Pope and J had an exciting conversation, and when we thought J was going to die, Pope saved him and gave his life for what he had done to Julia.


Shawn Hatosy as Andrew
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody and Finn Cole as Josh Cody in “Animal Kingdom” Season 6 (TNT)

With J alive and having all the money in the world, it would be interesting to see what J does with that money. He is alone. Penny has left him and he has no allies, which puts him in even more danger. However, even money and success could not buy him happiness. Although he hated what Smurf was doing, but now that he has become a pro in running such businesses, he would be wise to continue the business and make a name for himself in the market.


Another thing that makes J a popular choice for the spinoff is how Deran is still alive. Deran may want revenge for what J did with his family and that could make for an amazing story to tell. The show could pit two Codys against each other and see how Deran could cripple J’s business. Their final showdown may also see Renn join Deran as it was because of J that her husband died. So, these three characters from one series would be a treat to watch.

We’d love to see J take on other people in the same business and tell a story that has everything from love and betrayal to action and drama.

Do you think there could be an “Animal Kingdom” spin-off? Tell us in the comments section about the character you’d like to see if a spinoff series is made


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