Griff beauty secrets, from makeup to music

Born to a Jamaican father and a Chinese mother, 21-year-old English singer-songwriter Griff is igniting the music world with her dreamy style and lyrics about heartbreak, life and transition. adulthood. Here, the rising artist – who recently supported pop icon Dua Lipa on her “Future Nostalgia” tour – reveals all her tried and tested beauty secrets with vogue Singapore. From her must-have Givenchy palette to Griff’s go-to de-stressing techniques, there are plenty of beauty tips for gorgeous girls to be found among the rising singer’s gems of wisdom.

Essential makeup product Any matte black powder and an angled brush, because then I can fill in my brows and create a sort of liner and shadow on my eyes. Right now I’m using a Givenchy palette.

Favorite hair product My scalp tends to flake. My hairdresser Tommi gave me this Leonor Greyl Soothing Oil, $67, from essentials. It is a travel size roll-on oil. The roll-on means that I hydrate my scalp directly. It’s so small that it slips into any handbag.

Favorite skincare product I like Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask, $166.17, from Net-a-Porter. It makes my skin really soft. I always use it before an intense makeup day or a photo shoot.

Favorite foundation for a glow Difficult to choose. My makeup artist Michelle introduced me Chanel Les Beiges Foundation, $90. I use it every night on stage right now on tour with Dua Lipa. But I also like Charlotte Tilbury’s flawless filter$76, from Sephora.

Favorite fashion collection I like everything Susan Croc. I wore her for my first red carpet for the BRIT Awards, and I still feel so ethereal and beautiful when I wear her clothes. I also love all of Simone Rocha’s collections.

Ultimate eyeliner I’ve used a lot of different ones, but for me it’s all about the brush. It should be a fine-bristle brush. Right now I’m using Brighter Pro Tip$16.

Beauty look on stage Natural dewy skin; a tanned and warm base; full natural eyebrows; liquid eyeliner; individual lashes and a nude gloss.

Favorite way to relax A bath and good music in the background. Or go to the pub with friends, sitting outside in London.

Indispensable for songwriting I love writing at home. My home studio is always more natural and less pressing than the big professional studios. Coffee and candles too.

An artist/music album you can’t get enough of I listened a lot Olafur Arnolds. He makes amazing melodic classical music. It relaxes me, especially before going on stage or when I drive through London.

best confidence booster A good outfit or a beautiful skin. Also, reading the Bible really centers me and reminds me of how amazing and great God is and how small I am.

Very valuable aspect of your unique heritage I struggled with my dual heritage growing up in a very white region. But now I love how unique it makes me. I think it gave me an understanding of a lot of different cultures.

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