Frustrations continue to mount towards Chaim Bloom and FSG

Red Sox Nation unhappy with Chaim Bloom and FSG

We are there, the mid-term ceremony of the season, we have done it. And while some Red Sox stars prepare for the Midsummer Classic, the rest of the team is in shambles. Whether it’s due to injury, poor performance, or simply front office inactivity, Boston is in big trouble. A lot of problems were before their eyes before the start of the season and again not much was done to fix them, now it might be too late.

Let’s be clear, I’m a Chaim Bloom guy, but it’s getting really hard to defend his actions, or lack thereof, this season. We have huge gaps in the outfield, at first base, and in pitching personnel, but instead of getting free agents to fill those holes, or even making trades using our new Top- 10, Bloom bought and corrected a hodgepodge of a list.

Yes, these guys were good enough to make it to the ALCS in 2021, but they also ran out of gas for two Fall Classic games and those issues were ignored. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a long list of issues with this team right now, but there seem to be some more glaring than others.

No one could have predicted that the entire starting rotation would be hurt in four weeks, and if you could, you’d be a rich man. No one could have predicted that Chris Sale would be hit and break his little finger in his second start of the season. I can’t blame Bloom, but what I can blame him for is doing nothing when those wounds started piling up.

The second Nathan Eovaldi and Garrett Whitlock were put on the IL, I would have started making phone calls. I may not have always been a fan of his tactics, but when Dave Dombrowski needs something, he’ll get it. That’s why we have JD Martinez and Sale. That’s why Craig Kimbrel was closing games every night.

Chaim doesn’t yet have that killer GM instinct to go on the offensive when his team needs it. Now, some of his moves have been phenomenal and he deserves his flowers for those, but others, man, there have been stinks. The list of guys he’s signed for what amounts to a hot dog and a handshake is a mile long, and most have failed. He has to be aggressive, realize that the team is only two games away from the Wild Card race, and go for the pieces to push them over the finish line.

Also, Chaim, you don’t have to wait for the trade deadline to make moves, you can make them long before that date appears on the calendar. There are a lot of teams that are way out of contention that have players that we could use right now and instead of looking for heads at them we sat down and ran our Triple-A rotation against some of the best teams in the league and we got our heads kicked. . Impressive.

I believe Bloom has a vision for this team and a vision that could lead to the success we have seen with his former club over the past few seasons. But he also needs to realize that he is no longer in St. Petersburg and has a much bigger bank account to play with. Now, that doesn’t mean players have to sign horrible contracts a la Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval and don’t worry, those two will be brought back later.

To me, one of the most egregious things the Red Sox did last winter was let Kyle Schwarber go. A guy who was loved by his teammates, the fanbase, and even a town miles away. And I know some of you are going to cry and preach about defense. Oh my God, defense, how could I ignore it? Last time I checked, Bobby Dalbec and Franchy Cordero are not Gold Glove contenders.

At least Schwarber is a hitting machine and has the versatility to play. I would gladly take his attack and lack of defense on two players who offer neither. The Phillies knew he was going to be in short supply, especially after what he did with the Red Sox in 2021, and they overpaid. The thing is, they should never have had the chance.

Chaim needs to be a deadline buyer if he wants to instill any kind of confidence in this roster and the Red Sox nation. If he decides to start selling coins instead of investing in this team, he might as well walk away. Much of that fanbase has already soured on him and backing down when the fight is far from over will only deepen the lack of confidence. But that’s enough venom for Bloom now, it’s time to turn my attention to Fenway Sports Group.

FSG have enjoyed incredible success since taking over the Red Sox in 2002, but they are easily one of the most hated ownership groups in all of sport. They’re out of touch, unrelated, unlovable, and simply care more about their wallets than the success of their team. Oddly enough, they have no problem spending on their other endeavors, but when it comes to the Red Sox, it’s still like pulling teeth.

We’ve seen it time and time again with John Henry, Tom Werner and the gang. Don’t reward the organizational base, piss off the fans, then splurge on a random player to try and catch us. Again, see Hanley and Pablo. Neither should have received the amount of money they received based on their previous performances and yet here are the Red Sox with the Brinks truck.

Nomar Garciaparra, Jon Lester, David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, and now it looks like Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers could be added to the roster. Bogey has made it clear over the years that he wants to retire playing at Fenway Park and yet we haven’t seen any urgency from FSG for that to happen. Dombrowski managed to get him to sign a very team-friendly deal, but it wasn’t going to happen a second time. Alex’s contemporaries have all received massive raises and he’s better than many of them, he’s earned it.

Again, stat nerds will be screaming about the defensive numbers and power drop, but that’s only part of the story. This team goes where Alex goes. He’s the captain of this team, the leader, the loudest voice in the locker room. He’s more than deserved a quality contract and if the Red Sox aren’t ready to cut the check, I guarantee another team will. You don’t think the Yankees would like to poach him and add his bat to this roster?

But beyond Bogaerts is Devers. The man is only 25 years old and is one of the most dangerous hitters in all of baseball. The list of hitters who can mimic what he can do is incredibly small. Jared Carrabis takes stock of the most recent episode of “The Jared Carrabit Podcast” and it’s hard to deny that feeling, if you’re not ready to pay Rafael Devers, then who the hell are you going to pay?

Isn’t a generational talent in the batting box and a guy who made his mark in the record books worth the money that other teams will pay less than him? It feels like we’re at a boiling point when it comes to Red Sox fans and ownership. It doesn’t matter how many rings or division titles or big signings they make, if they keep spitting in the face of the players who wear this team every night, they will leave. Why invest in a team that won’t invest in itself?

I wasn’t as mad a few weeks ago when things were brewing for the Sox and for good reason. We were humming and keeping our place in the standings. But then the train derailed and no one thought to react to put it back on track. Now we are out of contention and it doesn’t look like we are going to see any action from Bloom or FSG to secure the future of this club. Boston has a lot of free agents coming this winter and it sure doesn’t look like there’s a plan to cement the identity of this team.

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