Former Boston Red Sox player Lou Merloni blasts team after falling to New York Yankees

It wasn’t that the Boston Red Sox lost to rivals the New York Yankees in their series opener Thursday night that seemed to bother Lou Merloni. It’s the fact that the team is in a solid position for a wildcard spot but won’t fix its flaws.

Merloni, an infielder who played the first five years of his Major League Baseball career with the Sox, posted a video of himself taking a walk while on vacation. Now a sports radio host for Boston station WEEI, Merloni is still passionate about the game and the Sox, and he showed it when lambasting the team during his nearly two-minute rant.

The Boston Red Sox spoiled a two-home run outing by Rafael Devers

Boston Red Sox shortstop Lou Merloni kicks the ball during the game between the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles played at Camden Yards in Baltimore in 2001, Maryland. | Getty Images.

The bats haven’t been the Red Sox’s problem. For the most part, the offense held firm. Third baseman Rafael Devers hit a pair of home runs against Yankees ace Gerrit Cole on Thursday, but it wasn’t enough. The Yankees, who hold a 14.5-game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East, beat the Sox 6-5.

Devers completed all five runs, but it wasn’t enough. Josh Donaldson’s third-inning Grand Slam scored a five-run inning against Sox starter Josh Winckowski.

“It’s pretty wild,” Cole said, per ESPN, of Devers’ success. “He just managed to hit everything, there was no miss. Like, roll once. Like, line once.

“You’re supposed to fail seven times out of ten in this gig. I don’t know what the market is. We’ll just have to keep going, man.

The loss dropped the Sox behind the Rays in the standings. Boston is now the second wild-card team but only half a game ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Merloni rings in the Boston front office

As Merloni was out for his walk, he fanned himself for nearly two straight minutes on the Sox.

“I want to watch two things,” Merloni said. “Last two years – first base and the bullpen. I don’t understand. I just don’t understand. Let’s start with the bullpen. Was there any doubt in your mind last night that the Yankees were going to hold this game? That’s what they do. Their enclosure is extinguished.

“The Sox come back and are 6-5, but they weren’t going to score another run out of that bullpen. There are no devastating losses for the Yankees because of their bullpen. It’s absolutely fucked that the lights go out. Look at your enclosure. Your closest was in the rotation at the start of the year, and your best preparer was in Triple-A. What was the plan?

“And then you have first base. I don’t know if (Chief Baseball Officer) Chaim Bloom thinks first base is that important, but it sure looks like it. You can blame Franchy Cordeiro all you want. The guy is not a first baseman. In the end, you lost a game last night because your first baseman played badly, dropped a fucking ball in the field. I mean, it’s the major leagues.

“You have an outfielder playing first base. Last year you need a first baseman, you go out and trade for a DH and put him first, to the point where he makes a routine play, and you give him a standing ovation. I don’t understand. It’s been two years.

“I’m on vacation. I’m trying to relax. It didn’t relax me. You lost a game because a ball fell in the infield. Holy shit.

It doesn’t look like Merloni is having much fun taking a break from work.

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