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On the surface, we all look happy. With rising prosperity, most people have basic amenities like food, clothing, and a roof over their heads. Yet people have never been so upset. You are in good health, have a loving family and also have means of support. Yet, why so much discontent? Because you think that with a little more money, you would have been happier.

You think happiness can be bought with money. But research after research suggests that money has little to do with happiness. The problem is something else. You try to find happiness on the outside in a world where you have no control over situations. You may not like it. This outside world does not have much impact on your happiness. Often we forget the office as soon as we leave the premises. But are you happy in your free time? Often not.

You must find your causes of unhappiness and solve them yourself. The reasons for your dissatisfaction are also obvious.

1. You have no feelings of gratitude for what you have today. Instead of being grateful, you are full of complaints. You think that when you buy a bigger house or a new car, you will be happy. It means that you have imposed conditions on your happiness. You’ve put your happiness on the waiting list. You can always be happy with whatever you have. But you thought that after five years, when you buy a house, you will be happy. It is possible that after buying a house you will invent a new problem. It’s an endless wait that you make of your own free will. Just search. You may have reason to be happy right now, right now. Try a little unconditionally and try to be happy now.

2. You hurt yourself by comparing yourself to others. By doing this, you are torturing yourself. We now measure our happiness by the success of others. A friend or neighbor has a car, a bungalow or his children study in such an expensive school. These comparisons make you feel small. You cannot accept that behind this success, their fate, their talent and their hard work could have played a role. If you often compare your success with others, it can only increase your sadness and stress. The flower of joy can never bloom in an atmosphere of jealousy and tension.

3. You attribute your failures to others or situations. Whatever the circumstances, you cannot run away from your responsibility and accountability. Even if the conditions are unfavorable, it is your responsibility to find the exit.

4. It is important to do everything possible to improve your efficiency, but do not fall into the trap of perfection. Existence creations are original and perfect. You can do your best, but those who have made perfection their goal are always dissatisfied and unhappy. In the end, they are besieged by doubts and begin to blame themselves. Finally, your stature falls in your own eyes. You will be afraid to resume any creative work. The way to do this is to see if you gave your 100% or not, instead of striving for perfection.

5. You need to increase your interaction with people. Research after research shows that with increasing prosperity, happiness decreases in the same proportion. The ratio of being happy, especially among teenagers and young people, is going towards the abyss. The reason is excessive use of mobile and video games instead of going out and playing with friends. At the same time, it also became clear that the more time the youngster spends on their mobile, the more upset and irritable they become. Remember here that there is a huge difference between loneliness and loneliness. So get out of the virtual world and hang out in the real world of friends.

Remember that you are lucky to be alive in this world today, at this very moment. This world has never been so rich and so welcoming to life. Science and technology have reached new heights. All comforts are now available that a few decades ago no one could have imagined. However, if people are so unhappy, we have to admit that today’s man has invented marvelous techniques to stay unhappy. And this technique consists of looking for everything outside. The more we lose our inner core connections, the more we are in tension. The condition of man today has become like a musk deer, seeking musk in a wild forest. The enlightened men of India had discovered this truth thousands of years ago that this musk, the source of happiness is within you.

All comforts are now available that a few decades ago no one could have imagined. However, if people are so unhappy, we have to admit that today’s man has invented marvelous techniques to stay unhappy.

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