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DTES Musicians to Showcase Their Talents at 100 Block Rock’s Inaugural Concert

Kim Knighton will be one of 10 performers at the inaugural 100 Block Rock Live, an event featuring musicians who live in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The concert will include everything from rap to pop, with each artist having time in the spotlight to perform original works.

The two-night festival, which receives funding from the City of Vancouver, will support 100 Block Rock’s second album, featuring musicians who otherwise wouldn’t have this kind of opportunity to perform.

BC woman sheds ‘tears of joy’ as her family arrives safely from Ukraine

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A British Columbia woman breathes a sigh of relief now that her niece and great-nephew have arrived in Canada after fleeing war in Ukraine.

“Last night I was able to sleep,” Michelle Petrusevich told Global News this week.

“Since it all started, I haven’t slept much. It’s like step one, okay they’re safe, at least they’re safe. But it is not finished. »

Petrusevich’s niece, Lina Borets, and her seven-year-old son, Tymur, arrived in Calgary on Tuesday, where they were greeted by tearful family members.

A Hobbit-themed getaway in the Okanagan Highlands becomes a coveted minibreak spot

Somewhere between Middle-earth and the Okanagan, a popular place to go barefoot and take a halfling-style break has gotten a lot of attention.

Second Breakfast Hideaway, located 25 to 30 minutes east of Osoyoos in British Columbia’s Okanagan Highlands, is among the top 26 places in the country where people can take a unique mini-break, according to recent data from Airbnb.

‘I don’t want money to rule this store’: Nanaimo, BC thrift store gives back

Since opening his thrift store four years ago, owner Denis Bezeau told Global News the quality of donated items has reached new heights, allowing him to donate more supplies and sales money to charities. local charities, schools, groups and individuals in need.

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“If they can’t afford it, they can have it if they really need it,” Bezeau said as customers arrived on a Friday afternoon. “I don’t want money to run this store, I want it to be a community.”

3-Year-Old Boy From British Columbia Seduces Police In A Fun And Heartwarming Moment

In a heartwarming moment, BC Interior Police made a family day, charmed by a young boy they saw driving a motorized toy jeep.

Stefani Knapp from Revelstoke said her three-year-old son Taven wanted to bring a book to his cousin just before bedtime. The cousin lives just down the street, so the couple left to deliver.

During the short ride, an RCMP cruiser pulled up, which is when Knapp began recording the valuable interaction.

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