Center unveils repository for life science data

India’s first national repository of life science data, generated from publicly funded research in the country, was unveiled here on Thursday by Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh.

The ‘Indian Biological Data Center’ (IBDC), established at the Regional Biotechnology Center here, has a data storage capacity of four petabytes and also houses the ‘Brahm’ high-performance computing facility.

A disaster data recovery site has been set up at the National Computer Center in Bhubaneshwar, Singh said.

Professor Sudhanshu Vrati, Executive Director of IBDC, said life science data has so far been stored in data repositories in Europe and the United States, and a need has arisen. feel to host the data in the country.

IBDC’s computing infrastructure has also been made available to researchers interested in performing computationally intensive analyses. Singh said that IBDC has launched nucleotide data submission services through two data portals viz. the ‘Indian Nucleotide Data Archive (INDA)’ and ‘Indian Nucleotide Data Archive – Controlled Access (INDA-CA)’ and has accumulated over 200 billion (one billion = 100 crore) bases from 2,08,055 more submissions of 50 research laboratories across the country.

The Center also hosts an online “dashboard” for genomic surveillance data generated by INSACOG laboratories that provides personalized data submission, access, data analysis services and real-time monitoring of INSACOG variants. SARS-CoV-2 all over India. Data submission and access portals for other types of data are under development and will launch shortly, Singh said.

“Fundamentally, IBDC is committed to the spirit of data sharing under FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles,” the Minister said.

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