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Brewing coffee and espresso at home is a great alternative to the daily drive-thru or coffee shop commute. While the prospect of becoming an at-home barista may seem daunting at first, taking the plunge opens up worlds of opportunity to explore new cafes, shop local, and save money. Best of all, while you might be new to the game, between Whole Latte Love and Gaggia, the two companies have over 100 years of combined experience in providing home espresso and education equipment to thousands of customers.

Why infuse at home?

When it comes to coffee, your taste preferences matter more than anything else, so choosing equipment that can brew your favorite beverages is the first step towards home brewing. There are two main categories of machines to choose from, semi-automatic and super-automatic, and Gaggia makes both. Semi-automatic machines require a little more input from the user, but can produce authentic espresso comparable to specialty coffees. Super-automatic machines can brew specialty coffee drinks, from espresso to latte, at the push of a button, but are a bit more limited when it comes to adjusting brewing variables.

Whichever style of machine you choose, there are several undeniable advantages to brewing at home.

Time is on your side

When you brew at home, you save yourself a trip to the cafe or the drive-thru. That means more time for breakfast, time with your family, or maybe even a few extra minutes of sleep.

The savings add up

Between the increased costs of buying coffee from a store and the cost of gas, you can save a lot of money by switching to home brewing.

More choice

When you start buying your own beans, you’ll find that there are endless options for different coffees to try and experiment with, and you can brew any drink exactly the way you want.

Espresso anytime

Even better, when you have your own machine, you can make espressos, cappuccinos, or any other beverage for yourself, family, and friends anytime.

The best of the Gaggia semi-finals: the Gaggia Classic Pro

Our pick for Gaggia’s best semi-automatic espresso machine is the Gaggia Classic Pro, and Whole Latte Love is the best place to buy for anyone looking to customize that uniquely machine with quality wood accents. top and portafilter configurations.

With a 30-year heritage, the Gaggia Classic has been a staple for home baristas for decades. The Classic Pro is the latest in the series, featuring an all-stainless steel housing, commercial steam wand, and a true commercial-style chrome-plated brass portafilter and infuser. Simply put, this means the machine is built with many of the same components found on much more expensive professional machines.

For a home barista, the Gaggia Classic Pro is an incredible first choice that can last a decade or more with proper care. Included with each machine is a set of portafilter baskets, both single and double in the traditional commercial style and what is known as a pressure basket. That means right out of the box, you can brew with your choice of freshly ground coffee, or pre-ground coffee, or ESE pods if a grinder isn’t in the budget.

With the commercial portafilter, the Classic Pro can produce hot, creamy espressos, while the commercial steam wand can texturize velvety milk froth for decadent milk drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Affordable and versatile: the Gaggia Cadorna series

Gaggia Cadorna

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Introduced shortly after Gaggia transferred production of its super-automatic espresso machines to Italy, the Cadorna series delivered several major features that modernized its super-automatic catalog. Available in three styles at Whole Latte Love, each version of the Cadorna features multi-user programmability, allowing up to 4 unique versions of a drink to be programmed and saved, real one-touch Americanos, delicious long and adjustable coffee drink. cup risers and extra tall spouts for small espresso cups and tall travel mugs.

First on the American market, the Cadorna Barista Plus is the entry level of the Cadorna series, but with the unique feature of having a fully commercial steam wand. This uncommon addition gives home baristas complete control over milk froth and, with a little practice, can be used to produce the full range of textures for drinks ranging from lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and any another milk drink. Outside of a handful of other Gaggia espresso machines like the Magenta Plus, few manufacturers are bold enough to offer customers this choice.

The Cadorna Milk, by comparison, is a value-driven machine that was the first from Gaggia to launch the Capp-in-Cup system, an automatic frothing accessory that adds multiple one-touch milk favorites to the Cadorna Milk menu. . At the last level above, the Cadorna Prestige has an automatic frothing carafe that can easily be fitted and removed from the machine to be stored in the refrigerator between uses, it is also easier to clean, and the Cadorna prestige offers several additional options for additional programmable milk drinks.

Whole Latte Love: The best place to buy Gaggia

Whether you’re looking for a Gaggia Classic Pro or Gaggia Cadorna espresso machine, Whole Latte Love offers unique custom versions of both machines. In partnership with artisans in the USA, Whole Latte Love offers the Classic Pro with five varieties of wood accents that replace the bakelite steam knob and portafilter handle with sapele, tiger maple, walnut, wenge or zebra wood.

These custom woodworking machines also allow you to choose your preferred portafilter configuration, and taking into account the 6 color varieties of the Classic Pro and the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition variant, there are a total of 31 styles available. a choice.

Not to be outdone, the Cadorna Barista Plus and Cadorna Prestige machines are available with a variety of custom hydro-dipped side panels, allowing you to choose from several wood grain patterns and stark white marble.

Ultimately, making espresso at home is easier than you think, and Gaggia and Whole Latte Love are the partners you want if you’re looking to start on the right foot.

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