A crystal mine is a resource of inspiration, healing and energy

Jaime Sens is in A Crystal Mine. (Photo/Kathryn Acciari)

WESTBOROUGH – Enter the gates of A Crystal Mine, and you enter a world where science and magic intersect.

Jaime Sens and her husband, former restaurateurs, opened A Crystal Mine in the spring of 2022 after discovering crystals during the pandemic.

“I’ve always been drawn to crystals,” Sens said. “Each stone is special, beautiful and unique. One day I was shopping in a crystal store and picked up a piece of scolecite, known as a soothing stone. I came home with this stone and I slept like a baby.

Sens became intrigued by the structure of stones as well as how they form. Crystals are created in different circumstances and environments, such as in caves or places rich in water, or in volcanic areas where molten rock flows and under various temperatures and pressures. They all have different exposure to the elements over time which affect their unique structure, color and size. Sens finds that many people are drawn to crystals these days, both for their innate beauty and their “magic.”

“I’ve always had a more academic, more scientific approach to stones,” Sens said. “But I started to get interested in the energy and the vibrational levels of the stones. Many cultures study the energy of the body. For example, the Hindus believe in and have passed on to us the knowledge of our chakra energy centers. Crystals may seem sleepy, but they are full of energetic vibrations that resonate with us. Their structures grow and build over millions, even billions of years.

Sens is fascinated by how different crystals amplify when paired.

“When you choose a crystal, you should set your intentions in it,” Sens said. “Moldavite, for example, is intense and high energy. It transfers its energy very quickly; if you don’t set your intentions, it will take direction for you. Scolecite calms the energy of moldavite and balances it.

In the shop, Sens sees customers come for healing and strength, others to decorate, or to complement their current crystal collection. A common thread that Sens notices is that everyone who walks into the store is pleasant.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a single impatient person since opening. Crystals make people calm and happy,” Sens said. “With A Crystal Mine, I hope people will come to realize their energy and learn how to fill their reservoir. People are ready to feel good. A crystal mine is a place where you feel good.

Visit their store at 276 Turnpike Road in Westborough or at acrystalmine.com.

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