40 best gifts for friends 2022: Bloom & Wild flower subscriptions, noise canceling headphones, candles and baskets

Ask any number of legendary musicians and they’ll tell you that a friend is variable: trouble, a little help, someone you can call on. But what about gifts for friends? Have these rock stars ever sat down and thought about what all these people were going to get for Christmas? Unlikely. That’s where we come in with our gift guide on the best things to buy your friends as we enter gift-giving season. We’ve already given you tips on gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for teens, and gifts for the whole family, but what about your best friends? You hang out with them a lot more than your rent, don’t you? Shouldn’t they take a look at your impeccable gift-giving prowess? We believe that if you’re in a position to afford them, your friends always deserve a little (or a big) something to show them how much you care. Whether you’re looking for a birthday party or already taking stock of the holiday season, there’s a myriad of things your friends would love to receive. Below are some of our absolute favorites.

What are the best gifts for friends?

Of all the people in your life, choosing the perfect gift for a friend is the most fun. Labels don’t have to be considered, and depending on your relationship with them, you can even choose something comical and/or shocking. If it’s a best friend you’re looking for on the internet, you might want to think about a personalized gift to make things even more special. We also recommend a basket, which is a big statement made up of multiple treats and plenty to choose from. There are plenty of other guarantees to brighten their special day: a spectacular edition of a classic book or a unique sweater from a cult knitwear designer, for example.

We’re serious personal road fans, and if you’ve been friends forever, don’t worry about treading realms of soppiness. A keepsake can always be a practical purchase, as in the case of these personalized Uncommon Goods coasters. Cult jewelry can be used as a friendship bracelet, as in Eliou’s charms. A personal care suggestion can always come in the form of a coveted gift set, such as with an Aesop hand soap and balm duo.

The best gifts for friends 2022

What could be more pressing than encouraging the cook in the group of friends to make even more food? Our Place creates dishes so beautiful and long that even the most addicted to cooking will spend more time on the cooktop. Gift a sweet tooth one of these ever-colorful jars and expect your dinner invitations to increase exponentially.

Custom Map Coasters

Even fully decorated homes often lack coasters, especially ones as special and beautiful as this quartet from Uncommon Goods. For less than £100 you can submit a map to be returned in tumbled marble. We like this idea for college friends: it’s a much smarter way to remember college than resorting to stealing traffic cones.

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