10 best worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series

Kingdom Hearts has been around for twenty years. Over those 20 years, they’ve created many Disney worlds for players to explore. Many of them allow players to experience Disney worlds in ways many people didn’t know they could. Most of the worlds that the games offer exude a lot of charm in their presentation. Some worlds do not respond to what was expected of the world that was created.

This list will feature all the best worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series. These will be based on the aesthetics of the world as well as what interesting aspects the world brings to the series.


10/10 The Grid – Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The world of Tron in Kingdom Hearts3D: Dream Drop Distance takes the concept of Kingdom Hearts 2 and expands on it. Using the game’s flow mechanics in large neon areas allows the player to explore their attacking options.

The zone’s light cycles segment is a wonderful way to introduce players to the map with Riku’s characters. The card and outfit design is really flashy, but the card doesn’t have much variability with a bright but dull background.

9/10 Halloween Town – Kingdom Hearts 2

Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts 2 is the perfect mix of scary and cute. It combines elements of Halloween Town and the Yuletide region where Santa Claus lives. The contrast is very apparent with Sora, Donald, and Goofy having unique outfits a la carte.

The concept is fun, but it seems like a lot is missing because of all the worlds the game has, this one seems to be one of the shortest, leaving players a bit disappointed that there was no more to explore in concept.

8/10 Hollow Bastion – Kingdom Hearts

Hallow Bastion has the perfect setup for an endgame world. It’s a world completely unique to the Kingdom Hearts series. The player starts in a water area where he can walk on water and must jump on floating platforms. All of this is an entry into the veritable floating castle that is Hollow Bastion. It looks and plays like an evil lair.

Some of the perks used by the card can feel a little repetitive in some rooms, but that doesn’t stop it from encapsulating players.

7/10 Timeless River – Kingdom Hearts 2

Timeless River is conceptually awesome because it has players that date back to the original Micky Mouse era. The level gives game characters such as Mickey Mouse a backstory. This is smart because it allows players to delve into the characters’ pasts.

The art style is also unique as the players look like cartoons from the 1920s. This world has players completing different mini-game type challenge battles which adds some variety to the gameplay. These can be a little challenging but are also rewarding.

6/10 Symphony of Sorcery – Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

What Symphony of Sorcery does in terms of design is magical in many ways. The characters are transported to a lush world where they walk on clouds. Enemies also emit instrumental sounds when hit, which accompany the beautiful orchestral music that accompanies the world.

Neighborhoods are bustling with places that look like a stormy autumn afternoon. The color palette is gorgeous and unforgettable. The only thing that looks out of place are the flat walls around some areas.

5/10 Radiant Garden – Kingdom Hearts 2

Radiant Garden is one of the main areas in Kingdom Hearts 2. Players will be going in and out of Radiant Garden throughout the game. The great thing about it is that Radiant Garden is a spellbinding place. Technically, Radiant Garden is Hollow Bastion, but in this game it’s more like a city surrounded by chaos.

There are plenty of otherworldly entrances here and some of the best giant battles Kingdom Hearts has to offer. All in all, Radiant Garden is kind of a non-technical Kingdom Hearts 2 global hub with plenty to do.

4/10 Deep Jungle – Kingdom Hearts

Deep Jungle in Kingdom Hearts is not the longest level the game features. What it does do is give players an immersive experience in Tarzan’s jungle. Each area the player enters is unique in itself.

There is an area with hippos where the player must jump on them at the right time. Deep Jungle also features an area where the player has to swing on vines and it can be flipped over for a mini-game. This area also has one of the best mini-games in the series where players run through the forest on a tree. Even though it is one of the first worlds, the world is full of vibrant details.

3/10 The Caribbean – Kingdom Hearts 3

The Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 3 gives anyone who loved the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie a chance to ride it in wild anime ship combat style. Players will see their pirate ship make insane air moves while battling other ships.

This world has so many layers that any Kingdom Hearts fan will be thrilled to play with. There are swimming mechanics and aerial combat in addition to naval combat. Everything works and sailing to new islands to explore adds a level of adventure to everything.

2/10 Pride Lands – Kingdom Hearts 2

Pride Lands has some of the best transformations in the game, as everyone transforms into an animal version of themselves. Sora transforms into a lion cub and it completely changes the way the game is played. Areas are much more open than before as combat becomes faster with Sora’s new lion abilities.

There are plenty of memorable areas here from the movies that feel lively, such as the bustling oasis and the eerie elephant graveyard.

1/10 Olympus – Kingdom Hearts 3

Olympus was one of the first worlds introduced for Kingdom Hearts 3. It holds up to everything players expected. The world opens up combat more than any other game, letting players know that the adventure they’re about to embark on will be on a massive scale. The destroyed backdrop of a city, as well as the large and beautiful mountainous grassy side areas, enchant the player.

Stylistically, this map is spot on, and the variety it has down to the last area of ​​Olympus makes for an impressive sight. Using it as the player’s tutorial makes learning the game feel great as the player climbs the mountain while learning everything in hopes of defeating the elemental titans.

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